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Welcome to Mira's Name Rings

Personalized Name & Message Rings

We customize these rings to say anything !! Same Day Shipping ! Priority and Overnight Shipping available ! We will custom emboss your piece to order. We stamp emboss these letter by letter, number by number, and with symbols so we can decorate these anyway you please.

Stamped Name Rings
We stamp these rings letter by letter, number by number, and symbol by symbol so we can customize them to say anything you want for any occasion and with any design or spacing that you specify. They make wonderful promise rings and couples rings. We can personalize them with names, dates, quotes, pretty much anything you can think of as long as its numbers, letters, symbols, messages, Initials, names, nicknames, pet names, dates, team names. We can put things on the front and back and line it up in any fashion that will suit your needs ....

Hand Stamped Name Rings
With these pieces you can say something special to a loved one like "Hello Sunshine" , "To Thine Self Be True", " Until We Meet Again",  anything you could possibly imagine. We can also put names, dates, and symbols one our rings. The symbols that we have are Greek Alphabet, Heart, Double Heart, Infinity, Football, Clover, Sun, Moon, Star, Butterfly, Dolphin, Lightening Bolt, Paw, Claw, Smiley Face, Yin Yang, Bull, Eagle, Flower, Vortex, Mushroom, Music Note, Peace Sign, Cross, Fish, Bird, Cross, Anchor,  Ampersand, Asterix, crosses, hearts, sun, moon, star, infinity, mushroom, music note, vortex, cancer ribbon, peace sign, fish, smiley face, bird, butterfly, flower, lightening bolt, football, Slash, and Dash.

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