ONE 3mm thin & shiney stainless steel ring. We can put anything you want on there. Less names looks better on these. 
Smaller case works better on these.

ONE 3mm Thin Shiney Ring

SKU: 0001
  • All of our rings are made of austenite 316 surgical stainless steel. It does not rust corrode turn tarnish and will not give green fingers. All of our bands have comfort fit high grade steel, which means that the inside of the ring is contoured to wear comfortably. Our bands are 100% hypoallergenic and honestly they are what we feel are the best material for use for this type of jewelry and the material holds of better than most metals. You will not need to polish these and they will last a lifetime. These Silver Bands can be personalized and stylized anyway you want. We fill in these rings with metal paint pens which will need filled back in from time to time, but the paint pens typically last months. You can get these paint pens for refilling from Micheals for $2.